Upgrading the Digital Intranet in the Galapagos Islands
Paper in proceeding, 2021

This paper describes further upgrades made to an existing Intranet system developed on Raspberry Pi servers to host offline educational resources in the Galapagos Archipelago. The project's goal was to ensure that users of the intranet are provided with reliable education services and to continue developing upon the ideal of sustainability in the Galapagos Islands. This paper reports on including additional services and infrastructure to extend its access to the broader community. The upgraded services include videoconferencing, an email server, and chat features. These were successfully implemented for more accessible communication and collaboration among students and teachers. Furthermore, the consolidation of the current software running on multiple Raspberry Pi's to one shared ProLiant server and segmentation using separate virtual machines was achieved to provide increased security and smoother and more robust server performance. The potential applications for the system and their impacts are also explored.


Digital Information Access

Improving Quality of Education


Javier Urquizo

Villanova University

Olivia Lajeunesse

Villanova University

Paige Bonvallet

Villanova University

Michael Carrigan

Villanova University

Nathaly Simuy Sanchez Chan

Student at Chalmers

Pritpal Singh

Villanova University

David Lansdale

Beyond Chacay Foundation

Cesar Martin

Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral

2021 11th IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, GHTC 2021

9781665433723 (ISBN)

11th Annual IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, GHTC 2021
Virtual, Online, USA,

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Media and Communication Technology

Information Science

Computer Systems



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