Ultra-wideband Full-metal Planar Array Antenna with a Combination of Ridge Gap Waveguide and E-plane Groove Gap Waveguide
Journal article, 2022

An ultra-wideband (UWB) full-metal planar array antenna based on a combination of ridge gap waveguide (RGW) and E-plane groove gap waveguide (E-GGW) is presented for millimeter-wave (mmWave) applications. First, the radiation element of a double-step double-ridged slot structure is proposed and designed. With removing the vertical walls of the cavity in the H-plane, the impedance matching characteristics presents a UWB bandwidth of 53%. Second, a UWB double-layer feeding network is achieved by combining RGWs and double-side-pin E-GGWs for the radiation elements. Finally, an 8 × 8 full-metal planar array antenna with the presented elements and network is designed, prototyped and measured. The measured results agree well with the simulated results. The proposed antenna provides an impedance matching bandwidth (|S11| < -10 dB) of 46.8% from 18.8 to 30.3 GHz. The maximum gain is 27.7 dBi at 27 GHz and a stable gain of 26 ± 1.7 dBi is obtained over the operation band.


Antenna measurements

Antenna arrays

Planar arrays



Slot antennas


ridge gap waveguide

Gap waveguide

E-plane groove gap waveguide



Tianling Zhang

Xidian University

Rao Tang

Xidian University

Lei Chen

Xidian University

Shuyang Yang

Xidian University

Xiaosong Liu

Xidian University

Jian Yang

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation

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