A Phase-Domain Model of Dual Three-Phase Segmented Powered Linear PMSM for Hardware-assisted Real-Time Simulation
Journal article, 2022

In this paper, a Hardware-assisted real-time simulation phase-domain (PD) model of a dual three-phase segmented powered linear permanent magnet synchronous machine (SP-LPMSM) used in electromagnetic launch is established. The model is able to consider the end-effect, saturation effect, coupling effect and open-phase fault conditions, which are specially occurs in the segmented structure in SP-LPMSM. The unbalanced inductances and saturation effect caused by the segmented structure are investigated and a simplified look-up table for inductances is introduced. Additionally, to accurately evaluate the coupling effect, the permanent magnet (PM) flux linkage is decoupled into the product of unit PM flux linkage and coupling coefficient. In order to avoid the numerical impulse caused by the derivative in the progress of calculating back-EMF, sigmoid function is adopted to express the coupling coefficient. Meanwhile, to make the PD-model compatible with the open-circuit fault conditions, incidence matrices and current constraint matrices are introduced to unify the PD-models with different winding connection types and open circuit faults into one general form. The PD-Model realized in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) based hardware is validated in comparison with finite element analysis results.


Circuit faults

Permanent magnets


Real-time systems

real-time simulation


Field programmable gate arrays

permanent magnet linear machine

Atmospheric modeling

Segmented powered


Guo Keyu

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yaohua Li

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Liming Shi

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hao Chen

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Engineering

Shijiong Zhou

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jinhai Liu

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Manyi Fan

Chinese Academy of Sciences

IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

0093-9994 (ISSN)

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Applied Mechanics

Computational Mathematics

Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering



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