Exploring security in software architecture and design
Edited book, 2019

Cyber-attacks continue to rise as more individuals rely on storing personal information on networks. Even though these networks are continuously checked and secured, cybercriminals find new strategies to break through these protections. Thus, advanced security systems, rather than simple security patches, need to be designed and developed. Exploring Security in Software Architecture and Design is an essential reference source that discusses the development of security-aware software systems that are built into every phase of the software architecture. Featuring research on topics such as migration techniques, service-based software, and building security, this book is ideally designed for computer and software engineers, ICT specialists, researchers, academicians, and field experts.


Michael Felderer

University of Innsbruck

Riccardo Scandariato

University of Gothenburg

Subject Categories

Software Engineering

Information Science

Information Systemes, Social aspects





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