St. Patrick’s Church - R. Guastavino Co.
Other - Video, 2018

This video is capturing the interior hall, usually closed, of St. Patrick's church, Philadelphia, built by the Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company in 1911 and designed by the firm LaFarge and Morris. The hall consists of a series of masonry domes tiled in the trademark fishbone pattern of Guastavino. The Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company specialized in loadbearing masonry structures and would build many iconic building in the United States from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century such as Registry Hall at Ellis Island, New York (1917) and City Hall Subway Station, New York(1904). This video is part of a collection of videos where masonry structures are documented and captured using motion pictures instead of stills to capture architectural qualities and experiences such as materiality, light and space. The project is funded by ARQ research fund.







Emil Adiels

Research - Architectural Theory and Method

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