SURFER v2.0: a flexible and simple model linking anthropogenic CO2 emissions and solar radiation modification to ocean acidification and sea level rise
Journal article, 2022

We present SURFER, a novel reduced model for estimating the impact of CO2 emissions and solar radiation modification options on sea level rise and ocean acidification over timescales of several thousands of years. SURFER has been designed for the analysis of CO2 emission and solar radiation modification policies, for supporting the computation of optimal (CO2 emission and solar radiation modification) policies and for the study of commitment and responsibility under uncertainty. The model is based on a combination of conservation laws for the masses of atmospheric and oceanic carbon and for the oceanic temperature anomalies, and of adhoc parameterisations for the different sea level rise contributors: ice sheets, glaciers and ocean thermal expansion. It consists of 9 loosely coupled ordinary differential equations, is understandable, fast and easy to modify and calibrate. It reproduces the results of more sophisticated, high-dimensional earth system models on timescales up to millennia.


Marina Martinez Montero

Universite catholique de Louvain

Michel Crucifix

Universite catholique de Louvain

Victor Couplet

Universite catholique de Louvain

Nuria Brede

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

University of Potsdam

Nicola Botta

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Functional Programming

Geoscientific Model Development

1991-959X (ISSN) 1991-9603 (eISSN)

Vol. 15 21 8059-8084

Subject Categories

Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences

Physical Geography

Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Resources



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