Exploring the carbon capture and sequestration performance of biochar-artificial aggregate using a new method
Journal article, 2023

To achieve the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality, more carbon sequestration channels need to be developed. In this study, we tried to combine biochar with cold-bonded artificial lightweight coarse aggregate (ALCA) which is made from municipal solid household waste incineration bottom ash (MSWIBA).The strong carbon capture ability of biochar was used to attract external CO2 into the interior of ALCAs, which combined with CaO in MSWIBA to form CaCO3 to achieve the effect of chemical carbon sequestration. The total carbon sequestration and carbon sequestration rate of biochar-ALCAs were quantified by a self-designed CO2 concentration change test box, the physical and mechanical properties of biochar-ALCAs were investigated, as well as the changes before and after carbonization. The results showed that biochar and ALCAs had good synergistic carbon sequestration ability. The total carbon sequestration of biochar-ALCAs could reach 30.58–33.06 kg/ton. The carbon sequestration efficiency could reach 70.2 % and 84.9 % at 28 d/56 d in a low CO2 concentration environment (0.05 % VOL). In addition, the water absorption of biochar-ALCAs decreased by 4.3 %–13.9 %, the apparent density increased by 0.9 %–2.8 %, and the strength increased by 4.3 %–7.0 % after carbon sequestration, and the physical and mechanical properties were significantly improved. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the synergistic carbon sequestration of biochar in combination with ALCAs and to quantitatively assess its ability to solidify low concentrations of CO2 in the natural environment. A new test apparatus and test method were designed for this purpose. This paper may contribute for an important advance on the preparation of recyclable cement-type composites able to capture and solidify CO2 from the natural environment.



Municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash

Cold-bonded artificial light coarse aggregate

CO capture 2


Jun Liu

Shenzhen University

Weizhuo Zhang

Shenzhen University

Hesong Jin

Shenzhen University

Zhenlin Li

Shenzhen University

Guang Liu

Shenzhen University

Feng Xing

Shenzhen University

Luping Tang

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