Arts-Based Techniques in Process Research: Learning to See the Forest for the Trees
Book chapter, 2022

In this chapter we explore how mind-body techniques derived from arts-based pedagogy can inform process research. Following William James and John Dewey, our inquiry starts from direct experience as we aspire to ‘learn to see’ the forest for the trees both literally and figuratively. We develop a set-up to help guide intention, attention and connection, and experiment with and reflect on body-mind techniques. As we respond to our sensory and imaginative encounter with a forest, we find out how our integrated awareness in the present moment helps us learn to notice differently. We enact a shift in perspective from an entative view which focuses on the trees, to a processual view which focuses on the forest as a living organism. This shift enables a different relationship to the forest, helping us notice the continuity, relationality and temporality of the forest. These insights open up new possibilities for us as processual researchers.

John Dewey

body-mind techniques


Process ontology



William James

arts-based pedagogy


Ariana Amacker

University of Gothenburg

Anna Rylander Eklund

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Innovation and R&D Management

Doing Process research in organizations: Noticing Differently

978-0-19-284963-2 (ISBN)

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