Rail induced wave propagation in soil facing sloping rock
Other conference contribution, 2003

The paper examines solid wave propagation in the soil underneath a high speed train. The shortcomings of the finite element method at parts of the boundary are compensated for by the usage of a hybrid method including both regular elements and scaled boundary finite elements. The technique is applied to a rail section facing sloping rock, much like the sea facing the shore. Simulations will be conducted at different train speeds in order to examine whether a breakthrough resembling a “sonic boom” effect is detectable. Amplitudes are expected to be higher when going above the soil’s natural wave velocity.


Håkan Lane

Department of Structural Mechanics

Torbjörn Ekevid

Department of Structural Mechanics

Nils-Erik Wiberg

Department of Structural Mechanics

Proceedings of the 16th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics in combination with the Pål G. Bergan Anniversary Seminar 16-18 October, 2003 Trondheim, Norway

82-7482-066-5 (ISBN)

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Civil Engineering



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