Weighted integral formulas on manifolds
Journal article, 2008

We present a method of finding weighted Koppelman formulas for $(p,q)$-forms on $n$-dimensional complex manifolds $X$ which admit a vector bundle of rank $n$ over $X \times X$, such that the diagonal of $X \times X$ has a defining section. We apply the method to $\Pn$ and find weighted Koppelman formulas for $(p,q)$-forms with values in a line bundle over $\Pn$. As an application, we look at the cohomology groups of $(p,q)$-forms over $\Pn$ with values in various line bundles, and find explicit solutions to the $\dbar$-equation in some of the trivial groups. We also look at cohomology groups of $(0,q)$-forms over $\Pn \times \Pm$ with values in various line bundles. Finally, we apply our method to developing weighted Koppelman formulas on Stein manifolds.

complex manifolds

vanishing theorems

integral representation


Elin Götmark

University of Gothenburg

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics

Arkiv for Matematik

0004-2080 (ISSN)

Vol. 46 1 43-68

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