Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterisation of the double perovskite A(2)MnMoO(6) (A = Ba, Sr)
Journal article, 2004

A study of the crystallographic structure and magnetic properties of the double perovskites Ba2MnMoO6 and Sr2MnMoO6 in polycrystalline form has been carried out by means of neutron powder diffraction (NPD) and magnetization measurements. The Rietveld analysis of room temperature data shows that the Mn2+ and Mo6+ ions are B-site ordered, i.e. the structure is a NaCl-type ordered double perovskite. Ba2MnMoO6 crystallizes in the cubic space group Full-size image (<1 K) (a=8.1680(1)) and Sr2MnMoO6 crystallizes in the space group P42/n (a=7.9575(5), c=7.9583(9)). Bond valence sum (BVS) calculation revealed that these compounds have the valency pair of {Mn2+(3d5;t32ge2g), Mo6+(4d0)}. The magnetic measurements suggest that these compounds transform to an antiferromagnetic state below 10 K.



neutron powder diffraction


Abul Kalam Azad

University of Gothenburg

Sten Eriksson

University of Gothenburg

S.A. Ivanov

R. Mathieu

P. Svedlindh

J. Eriksen

H. Rundlo?f

Journal of Alloys and Compounds

0925-8388 (ISSN)

Vol. 364 1-2 77-82

Subject Categories

Materials Engineering

Physical Chemistry

Metallurgy and Metallic Materials



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