5-Amino-1-benzyl-4-cyano-3-methylimidazolium toluene-p-sulfonate
Journal article, 2005

The title compound, C12H13N4+┬ĚC7H7O3S-, contains an imidazolium cation and a toluene-p-sulfonate anion in the asymmetric unit. Hydrogen-bonded dimers are formed between the cyano and amino groups of inversion-related imidazolium cations.


X-ray diffraction. structure analysis

hydrogen bonds


Raja Dey

Chalmers, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology

Tapati Benerjee

Vratislav Langer

Chalmers, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

Sibdas Ray

Priybroto Roychowdhury

Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online

1600-5368 (ISSN)

Vol. E61 12 o4039-o4041

Subject Categories

Chemical Sciences

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