A Method for Model Based Automotive Software Development
Other conference contribution, 2002

The distributed electrical system in the latest Volvo models, S80 and New V70, put new demands on software development methods. Increased demands for higher flexibility in the physical system requires higher flexibility in distributing functionality and more complex functionality requires higher quality of requirement specifications. In the MESC method for model based automotive software development, function development is separated from the system development, which helps parallel work and improves reusability. An object oriented function model provides means to analyse and describe functionality in a structured way and serves as an input to the development of a design model which can be validated against functional requirements. In the system design phase, logical objects from the model are allocated on the physical system architecture.


Martin Rhodin

Lars Ljungberg

Proc. Work in Progress and Industrial Experience Sessions of the 12th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems

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Software Engineering

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