Beta-Delayed Proton and Alpha Emission in the Decay of Ne-17
Journal article, 1988

The beta-delayed proton and alpha spectra from 17Ne have been studied with Si-detectors. The Gamow-Teller strength in the decay of 17Ne has been extracted and compared with a two-particle-one-hole shell-model calculation. The experimental strength is quenched by a factor of 0.82 with respect to the calculated one. Furthermore, the decay scheme has been improved and is discussed in some detail. The proton emitting levels in 17F are very broad and the line shapes are strongly influenced by phase-space effects. Interference between peaks corresponding to the same intermediate spin is a prominent feature emerging clearly with the good resolution and statistics of the present work.


M. J. G. Borge

H. Cronberg

M. Cronqvist

H. Gabelmann

P. G. Hansen

L. Johannsen

Björn Jonson

Department of Physics

Stanley Mattsson

Department of Physics

Göran Hugo Nyman

Department of Physics

A. Richter

K. Riisager

Olof Tengblad

Department of Physics

M. Tomaselli

Nuclear Physics A

0375-9474 (ISSN)

Vol. 490 2 287-306

Subject Categories

Subatomic Physics



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