Relating theory and practice in the design research discourse
Paper in proceedings, 2005

This paper gives an example of how we can frame a discussion about the practice of practice-based design research through two-dimensional geometrical visualisations, relating theoretical foundations of design work with stages of product development. The starting point was at one hand a wish to be able to get a clearer overview of how researchers actually work within practice-based design research, and at the other hand a wish to be able to externalise different thoughts on possible ways of performing this type of research. We found that we were able to put words to different questions and concerns by visualising design work in relation to theory and practice through the use of geometrical concepts, like points, areas and directed lines. Through providing a rather concrete example of how to frame a discourse, the aim is to open up for further discussions about how design work affects research outcome.


Hanna Landin

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Computing Science (Chalmers), Computing Science, Interaction Design Collegium (Chalmers)

In proceedings of Nordic Design Research Conference - In the making, May 29–31 2005, Copenhagen Denmark.

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Computer Science

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