Decay of Sn-135,Sn-136 isolated by use of a laser ion source and evidence for a more harmonic-oscillator-like nuclear potential
Paper in proceedings, 2001

The use of a resonance ionization laser ion source at CERN/ISOLDE has made it possible to study the decay of very neutron-rich Sn135-137. The decay of Sn-135 is found to populate low-energy levels in Sb-135 via direct beta decay and the first excited state in Sb-134 by beta-delayed neutron emission. The level structure of Sb-135 Will be discussed and a possible signature for a more diffuse nuclear surface considered.




J. Shergur

M. Hannawald

D. Seweryniak

H. Fynbo

U. Koester

A. Woehr

D. Fedorov

V. Fedoseyev

V. Mishin

P. Hoff

J. Ressler

A. Bickley

B. Pfeiffer

H. Simon

Thomas Nilsson

H. Mach

Katarina Wilhelmsen Rolander

H. Ravn

K. L. Kratz

W. Walters

Nuclear Physics A

0375-9474 (ISSN)

Vol. 682 493C-497C

Subject Categories

Subatomic Physics



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