Reynolds Stress Measurements using Direction-Sensitive Double-Chip Silicon Sensors
Journal article, 1991

A small direction-sensitive double-chip silicon-based sensor has been designed and fabricated using microelectronic technology. To determine the performance of this sensor the Reynolds stresses in a two-dimensional flat plate boundary layer were determined at a Reynolds number of 4.2*106. Comparisons with conventional hot-wire sensors were made showing that the double-chip sensor was able to determine the turbulent stresses to the same accuracy as a cross hot wire.


Lennart Löfdahl

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Göran Stemme

Department of Applied Electronics

Bert Johansson

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Measurements Science and Technology

Vol. 2 369-373

Subject Categories

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

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