Development of metallocomplex amino acids synthons for the asymmetric preparation of α-amino acids by stereoselective introduction of a side chain. Evaluation of the model asymmetric preparation of alanine and β-13C monolabelled α-aminoisobutyric acid
Journal article, 2010

In this communication the evaluation of eleven new metallocomplex alanine synthons bearing C2-symmetric benzyl groups with electron-donating and electron-withdrawing substituents is described. α-Methylated glycine synthons (alanine complexes) were evaluated alongside alanine synthons in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the relationship between their structures and stereochemistry of monoalkylated products and to choose several candidates for their further tests for stereospecific preparation of 6-[18F]FDOPA. Glycine-derived analogues of the complexes 3–5 are the best candidates for the development of a 6-[18F]FDOPA preparation procedure. In the model epimerisation reaction they demonstrated the best performance, much better compared to the previously described compound 2. Complexes 3, 5 and 8 are the best in asymmetric preparation of β-13C monolabelled α-aminoisobutyric acid. They have to be tested in the preparation of α-methyl amino acids like 6-[18F]-α-methylDOPA and 2-[18F]-α-methyltyrosine.




Schiff bases


Amino acids


Alexander Popkov

Jiri Hanusek

University of Pardubice

Jiri Cermak

Vuzkumnu ustav organickuch syntez a.s

Vratislav Langer

Chalmers, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

Robert Jirasko

University of Pardubice

Michal Holcapek

University of Pardubice

Milan Nadvornik

University of Pardubice

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

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Vol. 285 3 621-626

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Inorganic Chemistry

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