Future Aero Engine Designs: An Evolving Vision
Book chapter, 2011

Gas turbine engines will still represent a key technology in the next 20-year energy scenarios, either in stand-alone applications or in combination with other power generation equipment. This book intends in fact to provide an updated picture as well as a perspective vision of some of the major improvements that characterize the gas turbine technology in different applications, from marine and aircraft propulsion to industrial and stationary power generation. Therefore, the target audience for it involves design, analyst, materials and maintenance engineers. Also manufacturers, researchers and scientists will benefit from the timely and accurate information provided in this volume. The book is organized into five main sections including 21 chapters overall: (I) Aero and Marine Gas Turbines, (II) Gas Turbine Systems, (III) Heat Transfer, (IV) Combustion and (V) Materials and Fabrication.

Gas Turbines


Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics

Advances in Gas Turbine Technology, ed. Ernesto Benini


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Sustainable development

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Energy Engineering

Other Environmental Engineering

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics



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