Områdesanalys som deltagandemetod
Licentiate thesis, 2011

Participation in planning has become a popular strategy all over the world in attempts to improve the relationships between citizens, planners and politicians, as well as the quality of new developments. Some projects have shown promising results, while others show reverse effects. A pilot project in the municipality of Uddevalla has had a somewhat different approach, not inviting the public into the actual planning, but to analyses of the current situation in selected areas of the municipality – Site or Area Analysis as a Participatory Method. This evaluation of said project shows an impact on the planning process as a whole, where citizens now feel more involved, where the novelty of the method in effect invites the inhabitants of a place to specify and phrase the issues and needs of their local situation. The report is written in Swedish.

local democracy

municipal organisation

societal planning

site analysis


rural planning

urban planning

municipal planning

area analysis

local knowledge



Seminarierum TD
Opponent: Tim Delshammar


Lisa Åhlström

Chalmers, Architecture

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Sustainable development

Innovation and entrepreneurship

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Building Futures (2010-2018)

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Civil Engineering

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Seminarierum TD

Opponent: Tim Delshammar

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