Secondary instability of electromagnetic ion-temperature-gradient modes for zonal flow generation
Journal article, 2011

An analytical model for zonal flow generation by toroidal ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) modes, including finite β electromagnetic effects, is derived. The derivation is based on a fluid model for ions and electrons and takes into account both linear and nonlinear β effects. The influence of finite plasma β on the zonal flow growth rate (γ_ZF) scaling is investigated for typical tokamak plasma parameters. The results show the importance of the zonal flows close to marginal stability where γ_ZF/γ_ITG ≫ 1 is obtained. In this region the parameter γ_ZF/γ_ITG increases with β, indicating that the ITG turbulence and associated transport would decrease with β at a faster rate than expected from a purely linear or quasi-linear analysis.

Beta effects

Zonal Flows



Johan Anderson

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Nuclear Engineering

Hans Nordman

Chalmers, Earth and Space Sciences, Transport Theory

R. Singh

Singh R

Physics of Plasmas

1070-664X (ISSN) 1089-7674 (eISSN)

Vol. 18 072306

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