Towards a Case-Based Reasoning Method for openEHR-Based Clinical Decision Support
Paper in proceedings, 2011

In 2007, a team of informaticians and specialists in dentistry in Sweden started a project to develop a CDSS based on openEHR for an oral disease named dry mouth. Since openEHR is an emerging standard, designing a clinical decision support system (CDSS) based on it is an un-explored research area. According to our findings, so far, very few (almost none) openEHR-based CDSSs have been released. The methodological approach applied in developing an openEHR-based CDSS is presented in this paper. This includes typical activities in developing CDSSs in addition to the activities one needs to carry out in order to develop an openEHR-based system. In the first phase of this project, the focus has been on openEHR archetype design, knowledge acquisition, and choosing a suitable KRR method based on the available legacy patient records, i.e. a knowledge intensive case-based reasoning method, and the extracted general domain knowledge. We also propose an architecture for such a system with the aim of benefiting from the structured openEHR-based patient data in reasoning.

Case-based reasoning

Clinical decision support




Pariya Kashfi

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers)

Robledo Jairo Jr.

University of Gothenburg

Proceedings of The 3rd International Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC’11)

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Other Computer and Information Science

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