Wireless Event-Triggered Controller for a 3D Tower Crane Lab Process
Paper in proceedings, 2011

This paper studies the design and real-time implementation of an event-triggered controller for a nonlinear 3D tower crane where the communication between the controller and the actuators is performed over a low-power wireless network. A flexible Event-Generation Circuit (EGC) is proposed in order to implement event-driven controllers for Networked Control Systems. Furthermore, a detailed experimental analysis on the performance of the event-triggered controller and the influence of packet losses on the transmitted actuation messages are presented. The results show that the event-triggered controllers in networked control systems are able to maintain the same level of performance as compared to periodic controllers, while increasing the sensors/actuators lifetime by reducing network bandwidth utilization.

flexible event generation circuit

nonlinear 3D tower crane

periodic controllers

event driven controller

low power wireless sensor/actuator network

networked control system

wireless event triggered controller

network bandwidth utilization reduction

3D tower crane lab process


Jose Araujo

Aitor Hernandez

Henrik Sandberg

Karl Henrik Johansson

Control & Automation (MED),19th Mediterranean Conference on, 20-23 June 2011 in Corfu


Subject Categories

Control Engineering

Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering





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