A Modelica library for real-time coordination modeling
Paper in proceedings, 2012

Increasingly, innovative functionality in embedded systems is realized by connecting previously autonomous embedded systems. This requires real-time communication and coordination between these connected systems. Modelica and the StateGraph2 library provide a good environment for modeling embedded systems including controllers and physics. However, it lacks appropriate support for modeling the communication and coordination part. In this paper, we present an extension to the State-Graph2 library that enables modeling asynchronous and synchronous communication and rich real-time constraints. We illustrate our extension of the State- Graph2 library by modeling and simulating two miniature robots driving in a platoon.

Modelica Library


Asynchronous Communication




Uwe Pohlmann

Stefan Dziwok

Julian Suck

Boris Wolf

Chia Choon Loh

Matthias Tichy

University of Gothenburg

Proc. of the 9th International Modelica Conference, Munich, Germany, Munich, September 3 - 5, 2012

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Software Engineering

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