Hydrodynamic Mechanisms Controlling Cavitation Erosion
Paper in proceedings, 2012

In this paper we consider development of cavitation erosion having its origin in sheet cavitation. The discussion includes generation of cloud cavitation from sheet cavitation and how a cloud collapse can be enhanced by energy cascading from the collapse of a glassy sheet cavity into the collapse of a cloud. A decomposition of the cavitation process into crucial parts results in formulation of a conceptual model for description and analysis of the generation of erosion by mixed glassy and cloud cavitation.

Sheet and cloud cavitation

cavitation erosion


Göran Bark

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology

Rickard Bensow

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology

Proceedings of 29th Symposium of Naval Hydrodynamics, Gothenburg, Sweden, 26-31 August, 2012

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Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

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