Enhancing Usefulness of Declarative Programming Frameworks through Complete Integration
Other conference contribution, 2002

The Gisela framework for declarative programming was de- veloped with the specific aim of providing a tool that would be useful for knowledge representation and reasoning within real-world applications. To achieve this, a complete integration into an object-oriented application development environment was used. The framework and methodology developed provide two alternative application programming interfaces (apis): Programming using objects or programming using a traditional equational declarative style. In addition to providing complete integration, Gisela also allows extensions and modificationsdue to the general computation model and well-defined apis. We give a brief overview of the declarative model underlying Gisela and we present the methodologyproposed for building applications together with some real examples.


Göran Falkman

Olof Torgersson

Chalmers, Department of Computing Science

Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Logic Programming Environments (WLPE’02), Copenhagen, Denmark, July 31, 2002


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Software Engineering

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