Meta Modeling of Transmission Error for Spur, Helical and Planetary Gears for Wind Turbine Application
Report, 2013

Detailed analysis of drive train dynamics requires accounting for the transmission error that arises in gears. However, the direct computation of the transmission error requires a 3-dimensional contact analysis with correct gear geometry, which is impractically computationally intense. Therefore, a simplified representation of the transmission error is desired, a so-called meta-model, is developed. The model is based on response surface method, and the coefficients of the angle-dependent transmission error are dependent on shaft eccentricity (parallel misalignment), shaft bending (angular misalignment), torque and speed. Parallel spur gear, helical gear and planetary gear are studied, with parameters for wind turbine applications is considered and Abaqus 6.12-1 is used for the development of the meta-models. Upon evaluating the results, it is concluded that meta-modeling technique can be an efficient way of predicting the transmission error.


Muhammad Irfan


Subject Categories

Applied Mechanics

Areas of Advance


Forskningsrapporter (Tillämpad mekanik): 2013:06

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