Using Chronicle Workshop to quantify impact of context in case studies
Other conference contribution, 2014

Production Ergonomics



K Edwards

Dröfn B Birgisdóttir

S Gunnarsdóttir

Ulrika Ny Harlin

Chalmers, Product and Production Development, Production Systems

Caroline Jarebrant

University of Gothenburg

Kerstin Ulin

University of Gothenburg

Jan Johansson Hanse

University of Gothenburg

Jörgen Winkel

University of Gothenburg

In: Kasper Edwards & Jørgen Winkel (Eds.) Abstract book, The 8th Novo symposium: Sustainable Health Care Production Systems, Copenhagen, November 6 - 7, 2014, Technical University of Denmark.


Subject Categories

Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics

Work Sciences

Applied Psychology

Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology

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