Supervision at the outline stage: introducing and encountering issues of sustainable development through academic writing assignments
Journal article, 2015

Universities are responsible for introducing students to disciplinary fields and their knowledge traditions. A common way to cater for processes of this kind is to organize students' work through the production of text in a genre common in their field. Previous research has pointed to the challenges involved as students appropriate disciplinary ways of reasoning through writing, yet further attention needs to be directed to the communicative challenges involved at the very beginning of the process. Based on 14 video-recorded face to face encounters between environmental experts and individual MSc Engineering students, this study focuses on supervision at the outline stage of producing a report, and explores it as a communicative practice. The results from our study show how the students' outline documents functioned as resources for separating the performing of a study from the crafting of its textual presentation. The results also illuminate, in detail, how access points to disciplinary reasoning and arguing were introduced through verbal discourse.




higher education


writing process


Ann-Marie Eriksson

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers), Language and Communication

University of Gothenburg

Åsa Mäkitalo

University of Gothenburg

Text & Talk

1860-7330 (ISSN)

Vol. 35 2 123-153

Subject Categories

Educational Sciences


Pedagogical Work

Learning and teaching

Pedagogical work



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