3DVN: A Mixed Reality Platform for Mobile Navigation Assistance
Report, 2006

We present 3DVN, a Mixed Reality platform for navigation assistance in indoor environments. Built on top of a PC-based wearable computer running the Windows operating system, the platform provides a multimodal user interface for navigating in existing physical buildings, including wireless networking, data glove gestural input, voice communication, head-mounted display, and a 3DOF head tracker. Local positioning is performed using a software-only positioning engine making use of WLAN features for accurately pinpointing the mobile device in three dimensions. The 3DVN system has been implemented as a proof-of-concept of a navigation guidance support device for visitors, and has been field-tested with human subjects in the student center of our university. Informal evaluation of subject ratings indicate a strong interest for the new system, both for guests as well as people familiar with the campus and the building.



Niklas Elmqvist

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Computing Science (Chalmers)

David Axblom

Jonas Claesson

Joseph Hagberg

Daniel Segerdahl

Yan Tai So

Anders Svensson

Mattias Thorén

Martin Wiklander

Subject Categories

Computer Science

Technical report - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University: 12

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