Buckled diamond-like carbon nanomechanical resonators
Journal article, 2015

We have developed capacitively-transduced nanomechanical resonators using sp(2)-rich diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films as conducting membranes. The electrically conducting DLC films were grown by physical vapor deposition at a temperature of 500 degrees C. Characterizing the resonant response, we find a larger than expected frequency tuning that we attribute to the membrane being buckled upwards, away from the bottom electrode. The possibility of using buckled resonators to increase frequency tuning can be of advantage in rf applications such as tunable GHz filters and voltage-controlled oscillators.


M. Tomi

Aalto University

Andreas Isacsson

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Theory

M. Oksanen

Aalto University

D. Lyashenko

Aalto University

J. P. Kaikkonen

Aalto University

S. Tervakangas

J. Kolehmainen

P Hakonen

Aalto University


2040-3364 (ISSN)

Vol. 7 35 14747-14751

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Materials Engineering

Other Engineering and Technologies

Areas of Advance

Materials Science



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