Characterisation of the mechanical and fracture properties of a uni-weave carbon fibre/epoxy non-crimp fabric composite
Journal article, 2016

A complete database of the mechanical properties of an epoxy polymer reinforced with uni-weave carbon fibre non-crimp fabric (NCF) is established. In-plane and through-the-thickness tests were performed on unidirectional laminates under normal loading and shear loading. The response under cyclic shear loading was also measured. The material has been characterised in terms of stiffness, strength, and failure features for the different loading cases. The critical energy release rates associated with different failure modes in the material were measured from interlaminar and translaminar fracture toughness tests. The stress–strain data of the tensile, compressive, and shear test specimens are included. The load–deflection data for all fracture toughness tests are also included. The database can be used in the development and validation of analytical and numerical models of fibre reinforced plastics (FRPs), in particular FRPs with NCF reinforcements.

Fracture toughness

Carbon fibre

Mechanical properties

Stress/strain curve

Polymer matrix composite

Mechanical testing

Non-crimp fabric


Thomas Bru


Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Material and Computational Mechanics

Peter Hellström


Renaud Gutkin


Dimitra Ramantani


Göran Peterson

Volvo Group

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23523409 (eISSN)

Vol. 6 680-695

Areas of Advance

Materials Science

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Composite Science and Engineering



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