Kinetics of the main stages of fluidized bed combustion of a wet biomass particle
Paper in proceeding, 1997

The mass loss and temperature history of highly wet biomass and organic waste particles have been experimentally studied under fluidized bed combustion conditions. a simplified mathematical model of the heat and mass transfer controlled coupled drying and pyrolysis was established. Analytical solutions were obtained for a sphere, an infinite cylinder and an infinite slab. The solutions account for the difference in thermal characteristics between char and virgin dry biomass. The model gives a good representation of the measurements, provided that the thermal conductivity of the particle is used as a fitting parameter. The model was shown to be applicable to both isotropic dry and anisotropic biomass particles.

Thermal characteristics

Mathematical model



Gennadij Palchonok

Department of Energy Conversion

V.A. Dikalenko

L.K. Stanchits

V.A. Borodulya

J Werther

Bo G Leckner

Department of Energy Conversion

14th International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion

Vol. 1 125-133
0-7918-1557-9 (ISBN)

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Energy Engineering

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