Notch stress analyses of high-frequency mechanical impact-improved welds by using ρ f = 1 mm and ρ f = ρ + 1 mm approaches
Journal article, 2014

This paper presents further assessments of the previously reported round-robin fatigue data obtained from high-frequency mechanical impact (HFMI)-improved longitudinal welds. A detailed statistical analyses of geometry measurements of HFMI-treated weld toe profiles are presented. The fatigue analyses based on notch stress as defined by the International Institute of Welding are performed using the finite element method. Notch stresses are assessed based on both the fictitious weld toe radius and the addition of measured actual notch radius to the fictitious radius. While no large differences are observed between the results of methods, the former one is found to be more practical and faster to implement from the end-user point of view.

effective notch stress

high-strength steels

weld toe geometry

weld toe improvement

fatigue strength improvement

high-frequency mechanical impact (HFMI)


Halid Yildirim

G.B. Marquis

Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures

8756-758X (ISSN) 1460-2695 (eISSN)

Vol. 37 5 561-569

Subject Categories

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Civil Engineering

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Building Futures (2010-2018)


Materials Science



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