Ground-state configuration of neutron-rich Al-35 via Coulomb breakup
Journal article, 2017

The ground-state configuration of Al-35 has been studied via Coulomb dissociation (CD) using the LAND-FRS setup (GSI, Darmstadt) at a relativistic energy of similar to 403 MeV/nucleon. The measured inclusive differential CD cross section for Al-35, integrated up to 5.0 MeV relative energy between the Al-34 core and the neutron using a Pb target, is 78(13) mb. The exclusive measured CD cross section that populates various excited states of 34Al is 29(7) mb. The differential CD cross section of Al-35 -> Al-34 + n has been interpreted in the light of a direct breakup model, and it suggests that the possible ground-state spin and parity of Al-35 could be, tentatively, 1/2+ or 3/2(+) or 5/2(+). The valence neutrons, in the ground state of Al-35, may occupy a combination of either l = 3,0 or l = 1,2 orbitals coupled with the Al-34 core in the ground and isomeric state(s), respectively. This hints of a particle-hole configuration of the neutron across the magic shell gaps at N = 20,28 which suggests narrowing the magic shell gap. If the 5/2+ is the ground-state spin-parity of Al-35 as suggested in the literature, then the major ground-state configuration of Al-35 is a combination of Al-34(g. s.; 4(-)) circle times upsilon(p3/2) and Al-34(isomer; 1(+)) circle times upsilon(d3/2) states. The result from this experiment has been compared with that from a previous knockout measurement and a calculation using the SDPF-M interaction.

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S. Chakraborty

U. Datta

T. Aumann

S. Beceiro-Novo

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Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic and Plasma Physics

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