Metal-dielectric nanocavity as a versatile optical sensing platform
Paper in proceedings, 2017

© 2017 IEEE. The control of various processes at nanoscale in a real time and easy manner is a challenge for different applications: from lab-on-A-chip to catalysis and medical diagnostic systems. Here, we demonstrate a new system, representing a metal-dielectric (hybrid) nanocavity for multifunctional sensing at nanoscale. The cavity provides enhancement of Raman signal and simultaneous control of the analyte temperature. We believe, the proposed concept provides a universal optical tool not only for the basic life sciences, but also for nanotechnology and nanomedicine.


V. Milichko

ITMO University

D. A. Zuev

ITMO University

Denis Baranov

Chalmers, Physics

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

G. Zograf

ITMO University

K. Volodina

ITMO University

A. Krasilin

ITMO University

Russian Academy of Sciences

V. Vinogradov

ITMO University

S. Makarov

ITMO University


1873-1988 (ISSN)

403-405 8107828

11th International Congress on Engineered Material Platforms for Novel Wave Phenomena - Metamaterials 2017
Marseille, France,

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Materials Engineering

Physical Sciences

Nano Technology



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