An experiment of using non-rigid falsework in construction of brick vaults
Other - Video, 2018

This video is showing an experiment that was performed to evaluate the possibility of using flexible, or non-rigid, falsework for formfound arches and vaults. Traditionally falsework are made from stiff templates out of wood but for complex shapes this might require expensive CNC machines. The video is showing the preparatory work for a workshop at crafts school, Dacapo, in Mariestad in 2016, where students were to be learning traditional crafts but also a test to see how digital tools could be incorporated in crafts. The falsework was made from plastic tubes which were measured to make the right cut lengths and connections based on a digital model which was generated based on a gravitational load. For a small vault like this the capacity and stability of the plastic tubes was sufficient, but for larger shells or vaults more calculations and investigations are needed.






Emil Adiels

Research - Architectural Theory and Method

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