Information-Theoretic Tools for Optical Communications Engineers [Invited]
Paper in proceedings, 2018

Fundamental information-theoretic concepts are explained for nonspecialists, with emphasis on their practical usAge. The notions of a 'FEC threshold' and a 'nonlinear Shannon limit' are critically reviewed, highlighting their limitations and possible alternatives.

Block error rate

Bit error rate

FEC threshold

Generalized mutual information

Channel capacity

Forward error-correction coding

Achievable information rate

FEC limit

Fiber-optic communications

Nonlinear Kerr effect


Erik Agrell

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Communication and Antenna Systems, Communication Systems

M. Secondini

Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSUP)

31st Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society, IPC 2018


31st Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society, IPC 2018
Reston, USA,

Coding for Optical communications In the Nonlinear regime (COIN)

European Commission (Horizon 2020), 2016-03-01 -- 2020-02-28.

Signal shaping in optical communications—Beyond the Gaussian channel

Swedish Research Council (VR), 2018-01-01 -- 2021-12-31.

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Information Studies

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