Non-scrambling of hydrogen in NH4+(H2O)3 clusters
Journal article, 2019

We have measured the metastable decay of protonated, ammonia-doped, deuterated water clusters produced in an electrospray source, dn-NH4+(H2O)3, n = 0-6. The mass spectra show a very strong odd-even effect, consistent with a low degree of scrambling of the hydrogen bound to water and to the ammonia. The relative evaporation rate constant for light water was almost twice the one for heavy water, with the rate for mixed protium-deuterium water molecule intermediate between these two values.


Klavs Hansen

University of Gothenburg

Tianjin University

A. E.K. Sundén

University of Gothenburg

K Stöchkel

Aarhus University

S. Brøndsted Nielsen

Aarhus University

Bertil Dynefors

Chalmers, Physics

RSC Advances

2046-2069 (ISSN)

Vol. 9 12 6620-6626

Subject Categories

Physical Chemistry

Water Engineering

Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Resources



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