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Other text in scientific journal, 2019

Dense and green building typologies. Research, policy and practice perspectives by Thomas Schröpfer and Sacha Menz, Springer, Briefs in Architectural Design and Technology, Singapore, 2019, 119 pp. ISBN 978-981-13-0712-6.

Gridded worlds. An urban anthology edited by Reuben Rose-Redwood and Liora Bigon, Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 2018, 293 pp. ISBN 978-3-319-76489-4.

The Venice variations. Tracing the architectural imagination by Sophia Psarra, UCL Press, London, UK, 2018, 306 pp. ISBN 978-1-78735-241-4.

Landscape as forma mentis. Interpreting the integral dimension of the anthropic space. Magnolia by Nicola Scardigno, FrancoAngeli, Milano, Italy, 2018, 207 pp. ISBN 978-88-917-6880-3.

The poverty of territorialism. A Neo-Medieval view of Europe and European planning by Andreas Falludi, Edward Elgar Publishing, Elgar studies in planning theory, policy and practice Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, USA, 2018, 179 pp. ISBN 978-1-78897-360-1.

Housing Estates in Europe. Poverty, Ethnic Segregation and Policy Challenges edited by Daniel Baldwin Hess, Tiit Tammaru and Maarten van Ham, The Urban Book Series, Springer Nature Switzerland, 2018, 424 pp ISBN 978-3-319-92812-8.

The everyday experiences of reconstruction and regeneration: from vision to reality in Birmingham and Coventry by
David Adams and Peter Larkham, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, 2019, 196 pp. ISBN 978–1–4724–7117–8.

Towers for the welfare state: an architectural history of British multi-storey housing 1945–1970 by Stefan Muthesius
and Miles Glendinning, Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, Edinburgh, UK, 2017, 266 pp. ISBN 978–1–9999205–2–4.


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