Multifunctional approaches for safe structural batteries
Review article, 2021

Recent advancements in Li and Li-ion based energy storage resulted in development of novel electrode materials for higher energy density which are finding their applications in transportation. There appears to be a limitation in improvement of specific energy of the system based solely on design of material compositions for multivalent intercalation compounds. In addition, higher energy stored by the system implies need for addressing safety concerns especially when it comes to large automotive battery packs. New approaches for improvement of both energy density and safety of batteries are emerging, where multifunctionality of the materials and/or architectures is utilized. This article presents a review for such approaches from multifunctional current collectors to design of batteries capable of supporting mechanical loads and thus possessing ability to be used as a structural component.

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Sergiy Kalnaus

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Leif Asp

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Material and Computational Mechanics

Jianlin Li

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Gabriel M. Veith

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jagjit Nanda

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Claus Daniel

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Xi Chelsea Chen

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Andrew Westover

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nancy J. Dudney

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Journal of Energy Storage

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