Five Texts from Old Babylonian Mê-Turran (Tell Haddad), Ishchali and Shaduppûm (Tell Harmal) with Rectangular-Linear Problems for Figures of a Given Form
Book chapter, 2016

IM 121613 (see the hand copies in Figs. 5.1.20-21 below) is a large and fairly well preserved Old Babylonian clay tablet from ancient Mê-Turran (the site Tell Haddad, situated in the Himrin basin near Diyala). The various fragments of the text were gathered together by Farouk Al-Rawi, who also made the hand copies of the text. Thanks are due to the excavators Dr. Nail Hanoun and Mr. Burhan Shakir for their permission to publish and for their support during the copying of the text.

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Jöran Friberg

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences

Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi

SOAS University of London

Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences


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