Review of achieved purities after li-ion batteries hydrometallurgical treatment and impurities effects on the cathode performance
Review article, 2021

This paper is a product purity study of recycled Li-ion batteries with a focus on hydromet-allurgical recycling processes. Firstly, a brief description of the current recycling status was presented based on the research data. Moreover, this work presented the influence of impurities such as Cu, Fe and Mg on recovered cathode materials performance. The impact of the impurities was described depending on their form (metallic or ionic) and concentration. This work also reviewed hydromet-allurgical recycling processes depending on the recovered material, obtained purity and recovery methods. This purity data were obtained from both research and battery industry actors. Finally, the purity study was completed by collecting data regarding commercial battery-grade chemical compounds and active lithium cathode materials, including required purity levels and allowed impurity limitations.


Cathode performance

LiB (lithium-ion battery)

Impurity effect




Olimpia A. Nasser

Student at Chalmers

Martina Petranikova

Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Energy and Material, Nuclear Chemistry


23130105 (eISSN)

Vol. 7 3 60

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