A Functional-Logic Library for Wired
Conference contribution, 2007

We develop a Haskell library for functional-logic programming and apply it to the implementation of Wired, a relational language for describing and analysing circuits at the VLSI-layout level. Compared to a previous library for logic programming by Claessen, our main contribution is to add support for residuation. Compared to the published paper on Wired, we implement a useful version of the language while demonstrating the use of relations rather than functions in the design of high-performance circuits. Finally, we evaluate the success of our library by comparing it with the dedicated functional-logic language Curry.


Matthew Naylor

Emil Axelsson

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Computing Science (Chalmers)

Colin Runciman

Proceedings of International Workshop on Hardware Design and Functional Languages. Braga, Portugal, March 2007


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Software Engineering

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