Tangible Handimation - Real-time Animation with a Sequencer-based Tangible Interface
Paper in proceedings, 2008

In this paper, we present the development of Tangible Handimation, a sequencer-inspired animation system for recording and playback of whole or individual parts of animations through direct manipulation and tangible interfaces. The development of the system from a keyboard and mouse set-up, Handimation, is described including a workshop with professionals. Users reported the system as enabling real-time performances and making the animation process more democratic, and based upon their input support for imminent feed-forward information was added to the design.


Tangible User Interfaces

Interaction Design

Tangible Handimation


Anders Svensson

Staffan Björk

University of Gothenburg

Karl-Petter Åkesson

NordiChi 2008

Subject Categories

Computer and Information Science

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