Barriers to innovation in online pedagogy
Paper in proceedings, 2008

This paper was based on research into the extent to which teachers at a small Swedish university made use of the learning management system (LMS) available to them (WebCT). The research indicated that teachers used a very small number of the tools offered in the learning platform and the paper argued that there were a number of reasons for this. Responses from a questionnaire that was administered it was clear that the barriers to more effective use of the LMS had much to do with lack of technical and pedagogical support and the failure to create a forum where more experienced users could help those who were novices at online teaching and learning.

Online learning

learning platforms


Michael Christie

Chalmers, Applied Information Technology (Chalmers)

Centre for Competence and Knowledge Building in Higher Education (CKK)

Ramón Garrote Jurado

Proceedings of the SEFI conference, Aalborg, Denmark, 2-5 July 2008

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Pedagogical Work


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