Study of the Unstable Nucleus Li-10 in Stripping Reactions of the Radioactive Projectiles Be-11 and Li-11
Journal article, 1995

Reactions of the halo systems Be-11 and Li-11 (at 460 and 280 MeV/nucleon) with a carbon target demonstrate that (n + Li-9) has an (unbound) l = 0 ground state very close to the threshold. The neutron halo of Li-11 has appreciable (1s(1/2))(2) and (0p(1/2))(2) components.



M. Zinser

F. Humbert

Thomas Nilsson

Department of Physics

W. Schwab

T. Blaich

M. J. G. Borge

L. V. Chulkov

H. Eickhoff

T. W. Elze

H. Emling

B. Franzke

H. Freiesleben

H. Geissel

K. Grimm

D. Guillemaudmueller

P. G. Hansen

R. Holzmann

H. Irnich

Björn Jonson

Department of Physics

J. G. Keller

O. Klepper

H. Klinger

J. V. Kratz

R. Kulessa

D. Lambrecht

Y. Leifels

A. Magel

M. Mohar

A. C. Mueller

G. Munzenberg

F. Nickel

Göran Hugo Nyman

Department of Physics

A. Richter

K. Riisager

C. Scheidenberger

G. Schrieder

B. M. Sherrill

H. Simon

K. Stelzer

J. Stroth

Olof Tengblad

W. Trautmann

E. Wajda

E. Zude

Physical Review Letters

0031-9007 (ISSN) 1079-7114 (eISSN)

Vol. 75 9 1719-1722

Subject Categories

Subatomic Physics


Basic sciences



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