Paul Gunnar Dommersnes

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Nanopatterning of Mobile Lipid Mono layers on Electron-Beam-Sculpted Teflon AF Surfaces

Mehrnaz Shaali, Samuel Lara Avila, Paul Gunnar Dommersnes et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 9 (2), p. 1271-1279
Journal article

Evidence for membrane flow through pores in stacked phospholipid membranes

Irep Gözen, Paul Gunnar Dommersnes, Owe Orwar et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 8 (23), p. 6220-6225
Journal article

Calcium-ion-controlled nanoparticle-induced tubulation in supported flat phospholipid vesicles

Irep Gözen, Celine Billerit, Paul Gunnar Dommersnes et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 7 (20), p. 9706-9713
Journal article

Heat-induced formation of single giant unilamellar vesicles

Celine Billerit, Ilona Wegrzyn, Gavin Jeffries et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 7 (20), p. 9751-9757
Journal article

Fractal avalanche ruptures in biological membranes

Irep Gözen, Paul Gunnar Dommersnes, Ilja Czolkos et al
Nature Materials. Vol. 9 (11), p. 908-912
Journal article

Shape optimization in lipid nanotube networks

Tatsiana Lobovkina, Paul Gunnar Dommersnes, S. Tiourine et al
European Physical Journal E. Vol. 26 (3), p. 295-300
Journal article

Marangoni transport in lipid nanotubes

Paul Gunnar Dommersnes, Owe Orwar, F. Brochard-Wyart et al
Europhysics Letters. Vol. 70 (2), p. 271-277
Journal article

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