Guangzhong Dong

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Determination of the load capability for a lithium-ion battery pack using two time-scale filtering

Guangzhong Dong, Jingwen Wei
Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 480
Journal article

A noise-tolerant model parameterization method for lithium-ion battery management system

Zhongbao Wei, Difan Zhao, Hongwen He et al
Applied Energy. Vol. 268
Journal article

Next-Generation Battery Management Systems: Dynamic Reconfiguration

Weiji Han, Torsten Wik, Anton Kersten et al
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Data-driven lithium-ion battery states estimation using neural networks and particle filtering

Chenbin Zhang, Yayun Zhu, Guangzhong Dong et al
International Journal of Energy Research. Vol. 43 (14)
Journal article

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Energy optimisation and control of autonomous electric vehicles

Changfu Zou Automatic Control
Xiaobo Qu GeoEngineering
Yongzhi Zhang GeoEngineering
Guangzhong Dong Automatic Control

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