Gustav Holmqvist

Lecturer at Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Materials and manufacture

Gustav Holmqvist is mainly involved in various teaching activities in manufacturing technology at bachelor as well as master’s level. Teaches in a wide field including metal forming, metal cutting, unconventional machining as well as joining. Research involvement in the past has been within mainly waterjet machining, and also later in metal cutting. In waterjet machining the research has focused on new applications, characterization of machined surfaces and economical optimization. Gustav Holmqvist has a Lic. Eng. degree in production engineering.


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Microstructural influence on Machinability of Wheel hubs in Ductile Iron

Kenneth Hamberg, Gustav Holmqvist
The Third International Swedish Produciton Symposium. Vol. 1, p. 250-257
Paper in proceedings

Microstructural influence on machinability of wheel hubs in ductile cast iron

Gustav Holmqvist, Kenneth Hamberg
Proceedings of the International 3rd Swedish Production Symposium (Day 1), p. 250-257
Paper in proceedings

Sensitivity analysis of abrasive waterjet cutting economy

Gustav Holmqvist, Ulf Honsberg
Proceedings, 19th International Conference on Water Jetting, Nottingham 15-17 Oct 2008, BHR Group, Cranfield, UK. Vol. 2008, p. 273-287
Journal article

CUT -Competitive Use of waterjet Technology

Gustav Holmqvist, Ulf Honsberg

Strategies for Cost- and Time-effective Use of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Ulf Andersson, Gustav Holmqvist
Proc of the 2005 WJTA American Waterjet Conference. Vol. 2005, p. 7B-2
Paper in proceedings

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Using a Rotating Axis Motion Control

Gustav Holmqvist, Ulf Anderson
Proceedings of the 2005 WJTA American Waterjet Conference. Vol. 2005, p. 7A-3
Paper in proceedings

Abrasive waterjet milling : process and apparatus development

Gustav Holmqvist
Licentiate thesis

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